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Chris Kwon

Chris Kwon


Meet Chris Kwon

Chris Kwon is a former professional golfer turned successful real estate agent in Orange County, California. With over ten years of experience in the industry, Kwon is now ranked in the top 1% of agents locally and nationally. He prides himself on delivering a 5-star experience and is passionate about helping his clients achieve their real estate goals.

As a former athlete, Kwon learned the importance of moving forward and overcoming obstacles. He applies this lesson to his real estate dealings, constantly working to improve his skills and provide exceptional value to his clients. He is a full-service provider, offering marketing, transaction management, and problem-solving skills to ensure that his clients' needs are met.

Kwon is a Fine Arts and Graphic Design graduate, and he uses his artistic skills and communication ability to create powerful messages for sellers and buyers. He recognizes that real estate professionals must be versatile and wear many hats in order to succeed, and he is dedicated to staying ahead of the curve and providing the best possible service.

In his personal life, Kwon is married and has two young children. He and his family enjoy traveling, crossfitting, and making videos together.

Ann Kwon

Ann Kwon


Meet Ann Kwon

Ann Kwon is a seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience in the banking and finance industry. She has worked with high profile clients and companies, and is known for her deep knowledge of the banking industry and her expertise in relationship management.

Ann graduated from UCI and is a hard-working, honest, and creative individual who knows how to connect with people. She is a mother of two children and a wife, and she has lived in Irvine for over 25 years. She is familiar with all that the city has to offer, as well as the many different areas around Orange County.

With her extensive experience in banking and finance, Ann is an invaluable asset to any team. She is dedicated to providing the best possible service to her clients and helping them to achieve their goals.

Nicole Dimitrijevic

Nicole Dimitrijevic

Transaction Manager

Meet Nicole Dimitrijevic

Nicole is a valuable member of the Kwon Home Group, where she is responsible for running operations and assisting with daily activities. She is a licensed real estate agent and has been integral to the team's success.

As a wife and mother of two children, Nicole is deeply committed to her family and her community. She is a native of Orange County and has a deep understanding of the local real estate market.

With her strong organizational skills and attention to detail, Nicole is an invaluable asset to the Kwon Home Group. She is dedicated to helping the team provide the best possible service to their clients and achieve their goals.

Marissa Esporlas

Marissa Esporlas

Real Estate Professional

Meet Marissa Esporlas

Marissa has a degree in Business Management with a concentration in Marketing from SJSU and has accumulated over 11 years of experience in client-facing businesses since then. She has worked in a variety of industries, including sales and event management. Her people skills are deeply ingrained, and she thrives on building and fostering relationships. Marissa has handled client meetings at both ends of the spectrum, from running global events for companies such as VISA (Super Bowl 50 and Olympics Rio de Janeiro), Avaya, and the MLS Earthquakes Team, to organizing small, intimate meetings with high-profile clients. Her diverse experience has taught her the ability to actively listen to clients' needs, challenges, and requests, allowing her to tailor a unique experience while navigating their goals.

In her personal life, Marissa was born in the Bay Area and is now fully immersed in Orange County. She is a mother to a baby boy and the wife of a City of Irvine Community Services Leader, which helps to strengthen her bond with the community. Giving back through fundraisers or other opportunities is a top priority for her family. Marissa is an enthusiastic runner, a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, and enjoys hiking, working out, cycling, reading, practicing Japanese, and spending time with her family and friends. Traveling, especially to new places, is a huge passion of hers, whether it's a solo trip or with loved ones. She hopes to fulfill her dream of checking off the final uncharted continent, Antarctica, with a penguin glacier expedition someday.


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