From Iconic Show to Modern Marvel: 'Brady Bunch' House Now Available for $5.5M

Chris Kwon


HGTV is putting the Studio City home, featured in countless establishing shots of the beloved sitcom, on the market just five years after acquiring it for $3.5 million. Given the competitive real estate market in Los Angeles and the extensive renovations that have taken place, the next buyer will need to shell out a bit more. The asking price is now set at $5.5 million.

The premium attached to this property is all about authenticity. After purchasing 11222 Dilling Street in 2018, HGTV, under the ownership of Warner Bros. Discovery, meticulously restored the exterior and completely renovated the interiors. They even added a second story to recreate the show's famous living room, kitchen, bedrooms, and yard, which previously only existed on a soundstage at Paramount Studios. This entire renovation process was documented in the popular 2019 series, "A Very Brady Renovation," bringing together surviving cast members and HGTV talent to breathe life into the fictional home. The show garnered massive ratings, attracting 28 million viewers over a four-week run. HGTV invested approximately $1.9 million in these renovations, including the addition of the iconic floating staircase and the iconic orange-and-avocado kitchen. The house now boasts an additional 2,000 square feet compared to its original size. Since then, the house has been featured in various HGTV specials and series, most recently in Trixie Mattel's "Trixie Motel" on Discovery+. However, after four years, the novelty has likely worn off. As part of the sale, a portion of the proceeds will go towards HGTV's long-standing initiative, Turn Up: Fight Hunger, in partnership with No Kid Hungry. The parent company, Warner Bros. Discovery, aims to provide two billion meals through this initiative to the nine million children facing hunger in the United States.

Although "The Brady Bunch" aired for just five seasons, its cultural impact has endured. The ABC comedy, which followed the lives of a blended family of eight, their live-in maid, and occasionally a dog, ran from 1969 to 1974. It went on to inspire TV movies, a satirical feature film, and numerous visits by fans to 11222 Dilling Street. Some claim it to be the second most-photographed home in America, second only to the White House, although there is little concrete evidence to support this claim.

When the property was listed in 2018, it was the first time in 45 years that it had been put up for sale since 1973. Initially priced at $1.85 million, there were speculations that it might be demolished and redeveloped. However, a bidding war, which even involved NSYNC singer Lance Bass, ensued, and HGTV's ambitious renovation plans ensured that the house would not meet such a fate.

In a unique offering, HGTV will be selling the house with many of its contents, including the iconic green floral living room couch and a 3D-printed replica of the horse sculpture featured in the series. For those willing to spend $5.5 million, the property listing is being managed by Danny Brown at Compass.

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