Stepping Up the Game at RISE 2023: My Takeaway from Real Broker’s Annual Conference

As the cool autumn breeze rolled through San Diego, the buzz among the real estate crowd hit a new high, signaling the kick-off of Real Broker's annual shindig, RISE. Circled on the calendar were the dates October 22 to 24, and as a part of the Real Broker tribe, I was one among a thousand-plus agents who flocked from all corners of North America. This being the sophomore gig of RISE, the bar was set high, and oh boy, did it soar beyond.

The three-day rundown was chock-full of info sessions, keynotes, and hands-on training workshops, all whipped up to help us agents amp up our real estate game. The room was buzzing as big shots like Alex Hormozi and Justin Roethlingshoefer stepped up to the mic, dishing out solid tips on lead gen and the roadmap to keep the success ball rolling. Their talks were nothing short of a wake-up call, setting a strong tone for the hearty discussions that trailed.

Now, here’s a part that had everyone jazzed up – the roll-out of healthcare benefits for us Real agents and the support crew in the US and Canada. It was about time, and as the nitty-gritty of the discounted group rate for medical, dental, vision, and other cool coverage plans were laid out, the room lit up with smiles. It was a pat on the back, reminding us of Real Broker’s got-your-back attitude.

The zest of RISE 2023 kicked up a notch with the unveiling of Real’s fresh new look, a crafty collab with a top-notch creative agency earlier this year. The snazzy logo, color tweaks, and spruced-up design elements were a visual treat, symbolizing the ambition to make the home buying and selling voyage a breeze. The message hit home, rekindling Real’s mojo of stitching together a seamless experience for both agents and homebuyers.

A moment that had everyone on their toes was when Real’s tech guru, Pritesh Damani, pulled the curtains off the One Real app. This slick app, cooked up to ease the mortgage approval hustle, was a testament to Real’s tech-savvy spirit. The features that allow folks to get a mortgage nod in a snap, and the ease of keeping tabs on the loan application ride, had us all nodding in approval. The One Real app is shaping up to be a real game-changer in how we play the real estate game digitally.

As the final curtain fell on RISE 2023 amid a whirl of goodbyes and swapped digits, it was crystal clear that Real Broker had once again set up a playground for learning, networking, and growing together. The fresh perks, coupled with the brain-feeding sessions and talks, fueled me up with a new vigor and a clearer trail towards hitting my real estate goals. As I waved goodbye to San Diego, I took along a suitcase of RISE spirit, a bunch of new insights, and a bouncy excitement for the cool stuff Real Broker will roll out next.


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