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If you enjoy spending time on the beach, there is probably no better place to live in the United States than Orange County. With over 40-miles worth of pristine beaches covered in white sand and offering world-famous surf areas, site seeing, ecological preserves, enchanting coves, and gorgeous people engaging in any number of different beachside activities, the Orange Coast has just about everything you could ever want for your beach lifestyle.

While just about every single beach in Orange County is absolutely beautiful and full of fun things to do, today we’ll be pointing out our three favorite beaches of them all!

Let’s take a look!


Though the name of this beach can sound quite intimidating, it doesn’t take just quite 1000 steps to get down to this beautiful secluded beach! With that being said, the path down to the sand is no easy task -- you’ll need to take about 200 steep steps to get all the down to the bottom, where amazing tidepools, beach volleyball nets, and even a cave await you! If you’re looking to go for a swim, kayak, or other water activity, Thousand Steps Beach isn’t your best option because of the strong waves and undertow, but it’s still an absolute must-see beach if you ever find yourself in Orange County. Although the beach itself can be a challenge to get to, it’s totally worth it once you’re there!


Possibly the most famous beach in Orange County -- Newport Beach, in all honesty, is popular for a good reason -- it’s that amazing! 

It’s nearly impossible not to have fun in Newport Beach, where you can do just about anything imaginable, including taking a stroll along its two famous piers, the Newport Pier and Balboa Pier. If you get bored of spending time on the scenic beach or aren’t up for the challenge presented by the world-renown waves of The Wedge, you can always head back to Newport Bay, where you can rent a boat, jet skis, kayaks, and participate in several other fun water activities. To top it all off, the town of Newport Beach has just as much to offer with countless shops, restaurants, and other local attractions. If you haven’t already visited it, Newport Beach should be at the top of your priority lists!


Located towards the southernmost end of Orange County, Dana Strand Beach is one of the area’s most exclusive beaches that’ll remove you from all of the distractions and noise that you may find in the better-known beaches. 

Even the walk down to the beach is absolutely gorgeous, with many of the most expensive homes in all of Southern California right beside you. Everything about Dana Strand Beach exudes cleanliness and ease with cement pathways making the beach easy to navigate, and even restroom areas with showers that are as clean as the ones in the Ritz-Carlton hotel located in the neighboring Salt Creek Beach.

If you’re looking for a beach where you can take in all of nature’s wonders, Dana Strand Beach is the perfect place to do it!

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